Come to The Swarthmore Community Center
For an evening of FUN and ENTERTAINMENT
Featuring local talented performers !!


Saturday, April 20th
7:30 until 10:30 pm
Admission $15 includes beer/wine/snacks
Tickets available at the Library or may be purchased
at the door, or contact John @ 610-207-6494 or
Carol @ 610-328-5737


About swarthmorecommunitycenter

The Swarthmore Community Center is a non profit organization, providing a safe and well maintained meeting place for various groups and individuals. The Center has evolved since 1976 from a place for teen activities to a location that serves people of all ages from different communities and with many different interests. Our Mission Statement: Swarthmore Community Center is a non-profit organization committed to community well being and sense of identity through the sponsorship and support of a broad range of educational, recreational, charitable and networking activities for children and adults. These services are to be maintained through self sustaining initiatives and infrastructure.

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