The Swarthmore Community Center wanted to make everyone aware that we received notice from our landlord, Swarthmore College, that the college will not be renewing our lease as of August 2020.

With the perseverance of past and current board members, our budget has been balanced and operations have been fully supported for more than ten years. During the last decade, our programs with the assistance of a number of volunteers have been successful and well attended. The action to not renew the lease is a decision by Swarthmore College, not the SCC board of directors.

The board would like to continue operating as a community center and are reviewing our options. Thank you all for your support now and through the years, we truly appreciate it.

About swarthmorecommunitycenter

The Swarthmore Community Center is a non profit organization, providing a safe and well maintained meeting place for various groups and individuals. The Center has evolved since 1976 from a place for teen activities to a location that serves people of all ages from different communities and with many different interests. Our Mission Statement: Swarthmore Community Center is a non-profit organization committed to community well being and sense of identity through the sponsorship and support of a broad range of educational, recreational, charitable and networking activities for children and adults. These services are to be maintained through self sustaining initiatives and infrastructure.

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